Sunday, June 21, 2015

Meeting Friends, Old and New, at Colonial Williamsburg

I have so much to share about our latest jaunt to Colonial Williamsburg, alas life has kept me quite busy. On top of that we were all recuperating Monday, perhaps from enduring an enormously hot and humid sultry summery day in CW last Sunday. The streets were even quiet since the horses are usually given a break from pulling carriages and generally riding through town when the temperature and heat index are so high.
Nevertheless the day was otherwise quite lovely walking through gardens, playing in the maze, the First Oval Office, visiting with James Madison (of 1781) and watching the mantua makers drape 2 new gowns for Mrs. Randolph! I think I have over 70 photos of the day, mostly of the gown draping, that I've been going through. I've even written my blog posts in my head! They are most definitely forthcoming!
I partly wanted to type this particular note out because I have a secret message for a new friend. Once again, upon the streets of Colonial Williamsburg, someone walked up to me and said they read my blog! That always means so much when someone tells me that! Many of my new friends since moving to Virginia were met via my blog! We had a grand time visiting and I have a message for this new friend! I tried e-mailing you several times but they keep bouncing back. If you would still like to contact me you may e-mail me at
Meeting with other friends whom we've known for quite some time was also quite grand! Fun was had by all!
Meanwhile I've been reading more books and sewing lots. I had further adventures in free motion quilting with the new flag wall hanging I recently made. I am also hand stitching broderie anglaise as a scalloped edge stitch for a 1850's petticoat I plan to reproduce (original is at the MET). Also I am doing lots of gardening! All the rain we've had has been glorious, but my gardens tend to be jungles that keep me busy while I try to tame them! 


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  1. What a deeply beautiful hat. The marriage of femininity and timeless to it is truly lovely.

    I've been trying to get in more time for reading lately, too. I read the whole year round (lifelong devoted bookworm here), but find that something about summer's abundance of light and awesomely inviting outdoor settings ups my desire to do so - and for long spells at a time - all the more.

    Hugs & the happiest of summer wishes to you!
    ♥ Jessica