Saturday, June 6, 2015

A Silk Dupioni Window Shade with a Ruffle

This weekend I added a new touch to our master bedroom closet that was remodeled a few years ago. Here you can see the window in our closet with blinds for privacy. 

This has not been ideal because the sun shines through which threatens to fade the clothing and costumes.  The blinds came with the house. I didn't want to spend more money on a window treatment since we had more important projects. The other windows in the house had blinds and I wanted to keep them uniform from the outside. I haven't bothered with flipping the slats up by day, because I was afraid that I would be so tired at night that I might forget to reverse them before I changed my clothes. Therefore I hung my white linen underpetticoat, shifts, shirts, etc from our costumes over the other clothing to help protect them. Last month I finally decided to be disciplined about flipping the slats up and down every day and every night, so I twisted the rod to flip them up.  Instead of flipping the slats up, the string from the top of the casement started cranking down, down, down. Oops! I tried reversing it but that did not work. Now they are stuck this way and even  more sunlight is shining in on the clothes. Also the slats are now precariously hanging by weak cords.


I did not want to put a lot of money into this window. I do not like blinds. A window shade would be better and I could make that! These only  need to hang in place so this would be an easy  project.  I went through my fabric stash and found the decorative fabric I wanted to use.  However I needed lining so I went to the fabric store and bought the thickest lining I could find. After I measured the window I used those dimensions to cut out the lining fabric.


Then I used the lining fabric as the pattern on top of my silk dupioni. I bought this on sale somewhere but now I forget where. I love to sew with silk dupioni and with all this yellow and it was a happy project! I moved the lining a bit to the left so as to center it on the dark yellow stripes on each side.


After cutting it out I sewed it on the sewing machine, leaving openings at the top sides for a tension rod and an opening on the bottom for reversing the fabric. After turning it inside out, I sewed the bottom edge.  Then I asked my husband to take down the old blinds and hardware.


After hanging the new shade with a tension rod, it looked like this. I tried to capture the warmth of the sun shining through the golden stripes but the camera didn't catch that too well. Now whenever I walk into the bedroom it looks as though I left the closet light on but I didn't. It's the sun shining through the golden fabric!


Alas this shade looked to plain for me. I decided to sew ruffles to the bottom edge.






Just a touch of simple elegance. I like that!

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