Monday, May 4, 2015

In Costume at Mount Vernon

Last Saturday Mount Vernon hosted a reenactment of the American Revolution, A Call to Arms, which allowed my daughter and I to dress in "most appropriate attire". My husband, who has no interest in costumes and who never wants  me in costume in his presence at historical sites conceded to my plea that he take pictures of us. I'm still not sure how excited he was about this but I am certainly glad for the opportunity and that he did, indeed, take lots and lots of pictures! So did many of the guests!

Although I had intended to wear my simplest outfit for more of a reenactment look, my daughter said she wanted to wear the pink Englishback gown I had sewn for her a year ago. She has never had a chance to wear it and she had no idea when she'd have another chance. Therefore to support her, I thought I'dwear my companion gown, same style and fabric but different color. Mine is yellow.

After a tour of General Washington's Marquee (which I blogged about here...I watched it being sewn!) we took advantage of the photo opportunities.

Since we were not dressed for a reenactment, I imagined ourselves as invited guests of General and Lady Washington to their grand estate (either before the war when he was still colonel ...or after the war). The day could not have been more perfect. Not too hot nor too cold. Sunny blue skies and blue waters of the Potomac!











  1. Lovely pictures, your husband has done you proud. I particularly like the one of the two of you on the steps; your dresses look perfect against the backdrop of blossom and leaves.

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