Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day, WWII Aircraft and Civil War Bridge

For Mother's Day I had my favorite dinner in my favorite place for lunch! My husband and daughter   grilled filet mignon served with loaded baked potatoes and toss salad, which we enjoyed on the deck! While we were eating I heard a bit of rumbling and roaring that caused my heart to skip a beat! It couldn't be! Yes, it was! We looked overhead where a huge WWII airplane flew over our house! It was flying low and we got a great look at all the markings! I told my son to run into the house and grab  my camera to take photos, but by then this was the closest he could get.


Friday was the 70th anniversary commemoration of VE Day which was observed with a flyover of WWII aircraft.  I had wanted to attend but I had a dental appointment.  By the time I got home a few of the aircraft were flying over our house on a swing trip from Washington DC. My daughter had heard all the roaring while we were talking, but I missed them.  The day before the aircraft had a practice flyover in our part of NoVA, seriously over our house since there is a nearby airport, but I had a doctor appointment. I missed all of that one too. (sigh) Saturday the airplanes were part of a special event at the Udvar-Hazy. Alas we were busy moving my son from college that day. Thus I was thrilled that I at least got to see one of the planes!

After lunch my husband, daughter and I planned to take a walk in Manassas Battlefield along Bull Run. As we were getting ready we heard more roaring prop planes. I ran outside to take more photos and got this one of the plane behind the tree. =/ Let me assure you, dear reader, it was stunning to see this plane before the tree got in the way! 


And then another plane behind the tree.  Is there a speed setting anywhere on my camera?


Somewhere there is another plane behind those trees too! Truely many stunning WWII airplanes flew over our house! Really! They did!


See, there is one far, far away...


Oh, I finally got a better photo!


The skies quieted down so we went to the Stone Bridge at Manassas Battlefield, under which the infamous Bull Run flows...


...where we found the last of the bluebells.


When we got home, we had Marie Callendar Chocolate Satin Pie for dessert! Yum! I was also presented with gifts! I got earrings K. Walters at the Sign of the Grey Horse...which means that the retired Colonial Williamsburg horses, Ben and Nelson, get more carrots and apples! My daughter bought a book about Lady Washington, and also beautiful silk ribbon from Burnley and Trowbridge. All of these gifts were bought at Mount Vernon last weekend! My son gave me a fun journal, that was handmade to be like a scrapbook that I get to complete! He purchased it at his college bookstore. I love his college bookstore! Fun gifts!

Then my husband, daughter and I started playing some games...Scrabble and Jenga. While playing, the rumbling and roaring could be heard from afar, coming closer and closer. I ran out to the deck with my camera, looked up, and this beauty flew over our house!  



While waiting for a wordplay from my husband, I heard more rumbling and roaring! I ran out and got this colorful modern helicoptor!


Yet another long wait for a wordplay, another round of rumbling and roaring, and it looks like we had a repeat flyover!




After the games I called my mom for a long chat (2-3 hours I think!). I told her about our day and we reminsced about the air shows in San Antonio, and how I stood on the picnic table in her backyard to videotape the Thunderbirds that flew over my parents' house!

For dinner we had leftovers that my son brought home from college! Yum! Then my daughter and I settled down to a movie...It Happened One Night! Fun day with many surprises!

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