Saturday, May 2, 2015

First Oval Office at Mount Vernon's A Call to Arms

Today we attended A Call to Arms. At the link you'll see a lot of great photos of the weekend! While there I did a bit of shopping with the suttlers and my  husband took pictures of my daughter and I . We wore our gowns so stay tuned for all that.

Meanwhile I thought I'd share our first stop at A Call to Arms...a visit to see General Washington's recreated tent that served as his headquarters during the American Revolution (aka The First Oval Office).

I've seen this tent being made at Colonial Williamsburg, and I've toured it after it was completed. What a thrilling experience to walk under and through such a grand masterpiece. The craftsmanship is stunning! This time I got to see the furniture that was used in the tent, all recreated at Colonial Williamsburg.

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