Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Photo Contest at Wearing History!

Voting has begun! I submitted this photo to the Wearing History Photo Contest!


Please do go and vote for your favorite photo. Wearing History is an independent company that sells historical patterns, and the contest is all about the best photo of us wearing a garment we sewed from one of her patterns. (It's not about the best sewing or the most complicated, but about the photo!) Here is the link to the photo contest  album on facebook the Wearing History facebook page.  Right now the contest album is in the second post down on the Wearing History facebook page.  My photo is towards the end of the album. All you have to do to vote is "like" the photo. (On my fb timeline I didn't "share" the album because shared likes don't count, since there is no way she can trace those. The original photo on her fb page has to be liked for the vote to count.) For anyone who chooses to "like" my photo, thank you!=)

I sewed this 1930's outfit from the Wearing History pattern so that I could portray Winston Churchill's daughter in our history presentation. In fact, I am balancing one of Winston Churchill's books on my head! 

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