Sunday, April 19, 2015

Sewing a Shabby Chic Duvet Cover for my Daughter's Room

The next step in redecorating my daughter's bedroom was to sew a duvet cover. I pulled out this lovely fabric from my stash that I had purchased in San Antonio at Hobby Lobby several years ago. Ten yards of utter gorgeousness! Collegiate shabby chic here we come!


Then I bought a twin size duvet. First I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond, thinking I'd buy a $20 one and use one of  my 20% off coupons, but they were  $80. I don't think so. Target got my business...$20.


When I first bought this fabric years ago I was going to make a queen size duvet cover for our bed, but the print was too small in scale for a queen-sized bed. Also I knew it might be over the top for my husband. Therefore, the yardage was already cut to the proper lengths! All I had to do was lay it out and proceed by cutting my first length down the middle.


Then I put that fabric on each side of another length. Because this is so large it and has to be pieced, I put the seam lines on the edge of the bed so the eye can focus on the solid panel in the middle of the bed. This was for the top panel.  After these were cut I repeated the process for the bottom panel.


Next I chose these two threads for the sewing. Because this was a budget project, I wanted to use only the threads that I already had in my collection.


Grey makes a great neutral so it would be perfect for sewing all the inside seams. Besides I had a lot of it so I thought  I'd have enough for this fabric.


I reserved the green thread for any outside stitching I needed to do, since I had less of that color.


After I sewed the side seams, I sewed the top and bottom panels together, while leaving one side open. On the open side I turned down the edge and tacked it down. Then I stuffed the duvet into the cover using this technique from Crane and Canopy.


Then I made the ties which are laying on my green cutting mat...


Each of the ties were securely sewn to the edge of the duvet opening.


All finished and ready to put on my daughter's bed!


Next I sewed sheer curtains. Stay tuned!


  1. That is almost exactly how I made a duvet cover a few years ago. Sewing a panel along each side works great for making the top of the bed look good! Beautiful fabric and a fine job at that! I used buttons on the end of my duvet, but only because I had buttons to spare! I just finished a window treatment project, roman shade and drapes for our great room. Linda

    1. That's the fun thing about duvets...there are a variety of fun options to finish them off!