Thursday, March 5, 2015

Snow for Spring Break

More snow!The birds didn't mind! They played all day in the snow!


My son's sixth day of Spring Break was all about shoveling...




My daughter's college canceled classes, so thus began her first day of her Spring Break!


Not sure why Virginian schools and colleges call this spring break. There always seems to be snow storms in Virginia in early March. 


We moved here six years ago this week. We followed a snowstorm into Virginia, while leaving behind the blooms of cheery yellow forsythia climbing rock walls and deeply scented purple blossoms heavily clustered from the branches of mountain laurel trees.

Spring Break in Virginia definitely doesn't look anything like Spring Break back in Texas! 


  1. Since we've been advised on the west coast that our drought may continue for a few more years, which could mean no more lawns or gardents, I wish someone would devised a way to pipe all that snow/melted water from your side to our side. They can fly us to the moon. Why not help those buried in snow and those parched in the dirt, benefit from each other? Instead of an oil pipeline, give us a water pipeline.
    I'm insanely jealous of your views out the window.

  2. As much as I miss Texas, I don't miss the drought there. It got worse after I moved. I love the mountains and tall trees here, and the way our neighborhood lays with the rolling hills and colorful birds! Praying you all get rain!

  3. Great pictures, Laurie! Nothing like a snowy spring break…unless it's a snowy Easter! We get that, too, sometimes! :) Enjoy the rest of the winter because SPRING IS A'COMING! And I think I hear the angels singing! :)