Friday, March 20, 2015

A Birthday, Sewing, and Shabby Chic

My daughter had a birthday this month! Her greatest sadness, as always, is that she was born the day before spring, though that seems to matter not here in the land of cold, brown and dead even this late in March. We have reached our 6 year anniversary of coming to Virginia from Texas, of crazy weeks of house hunting and putting down offers that were refused, and finally reaching a contract! In the 6 years we've been here I've decided my favorite spring month is May when everything is finally green and blooming in great profusion. Even into early June the air smells so luscious one can get drunk on heady scents from all the flowers that bloom!  Back to my daughter's birthday, I was still quite a bit behind on her Christmas gifts. Tsk, tsk.  My humble excuse is that pesky illness (see the December posts).
Thus, my birthday goal for her became an extension of her Christmas gift! I wanted to redecorate her bedroom. I walked into her room the other week and felt that it was a very young hot pink and purple daisy room, which she has loved since she was 10. But now she is in college. Perchance would she like a shabby chic collegiate sophisticated room?
My inspiration was this fabric I had in the stash, 10 yards of it, that I had purchased at Hobby Lobby about ten years ago.


With these 10 yards I have sewn a duvet cover and ruffled pillow. I am currently working on a window treatment that will incorporate both this fabric and some sheer fabric that my daughter and I wore for our Ancient Egyptian costumes 4 years ago! I am currently taking lots of photos and preparing detailed blog posts on the sewing process for these projects! 
Meanwhile I am also embroidering an 18th century pocket! I meant to submit it to the "Blue" challenge for the Historical Sew Monthly (HSM) due at the end of February. Well, I missed that deadline so I intended to submit it for the "Stashbusting" challenge for the HSM due tomorrow. Hmmm, reality dictates that won't happen, so my new goal is to submit it for the "War and Peace" challenge for the HSM due at the end April...but first I need to review the specifics of that to make sure it would actually fit the criteria of the challenge.
Funny that in February I did sew  son's quilt, but that is modern. And in March I have stashbusted with both this lovely rosey floral on sage fabric and with the sheers. However, these are modern. Only historical items relating to the years 1945 and before count
By the way, have I mentioned that I am now a co-moderator for the HSM team? =) I am truely quite thrilled and that is a new fun bit of busy-ness I am happy to have in my life! Far more fun to moderate and comment with new members and historical sewing posts at our facebook group than to do never ending paperwork as described above.!
Back to my daughter's room, we have also reassessed her furniture needs. She is an English major with history minor and considering a goal to teach. That means...books! She has more books than room to put them, so we have used the bulk of her gift money from the grandparents for a lovely bookcase that helps to set the cheerful, collegiate and sophisticated tone of the room! That one purchase will lead the way in refinishing the other furniture in her of course, many posts forthcoming on each furniture project! Stay tuned for the grand reveal!  
Also looking forward to spring! The local weather guys promised us there would be no more snow or significant cold snaps this season, since they don't see anything brewing on the radar.  Even so, if a sneaky snowflake wafts by, I'm sure this rosey fabric will bring spring into our hearts while waiting for the grass and trees to green and the daffodils to cheerfully bloom!   

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