Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow, Cardinal and Update

Snow fell once again upon us. This morning we awoke to 5" of snow.  Meanwhile I've been quite quiet here, though I haven't meant to. I've been quite busy working on the quilt for my son, and finishing my 18th century needlecase.  I'm also still recuperating, pushing myself a bit more everyday, and resting lots. Today I saw the ENT and got the good news that I do not have nodules on my vocal cords, but she does want me to undergo voice therapy. She also took me off voice rest. I still have bronchitis but I don't cough when I talk anymore, however I do become quite breathless when taking the stairs and feel uncomfortable when I get overly active, so back to my doc I shall go. Yet all the while I keep feeling a bit better each day.

Meanwhile as I stitch away, there is much beauty to enjoy outside the windows...      









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