Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rotary Cutters, Sharpness, and Another Sneak Peak

I'm dreaming of a white, that was a couple of months ago. Tonight snow is possibly on its way again and I *am* and *have been* dreaming of returning to 18th century sewing. Meanwhile I have been quilting, quilting, quilting for my son.

This quilt began two months ago, in early December. One of the immediate problems I faced was a dull rotary cutter causing my shoulder muscles to rip apart in deep pain. It seems to matter not what type of rotary cutter I buy, or what size. They always lose their cutting sharpness in the beginning stages of each project, even when I begin the project with a new blade.


Although this has been a consistent problem, this time I did a bit of googling and found that numerous forums and blogs suggested running the rotary blad through a wad of aluminum foil. Hmm, why not? Can't hurt.


I pulled out a sheet of aluminum foil and folded it several times so that it was a bit thick. Then I set it on top of a self-healing mat, and ran my rotary cutter through it several times. The next time I used it on  my fabric, the blade was much sharper than it had ever been!


Looking at all these candy cane stripes makes me think of a White Christmas again. No, I would not sew candy cane stripes for my son. Stay tuned for another peak!

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