Monday, February 23, 2015

True Grips-Quilt Gadget

Some of my many stitching projects that I've been working on in the last 6 months has mostly entailed quilting for various reasons...some of which will soon be revealed! Along the way I've endeavored to seek some improvements in various troublespots. I'm glad to report that I have stumbled upon some wonderful tips and gadgets that I would like to share.
While I was working on my Thanksgiving quilt last autumn, I was shopping at my new favorite quilt store, Suzie's Quilt Shop, when I saw these...


True Grips! My  problem in some of my recent quilts has been the ruler slipping when I use the rotary cutter. This is not good, because it skews the size of the strips/blocks/triangles/etc, so that the many hoped for identical pieces that are quickly cut out are not identical at all. They are instead a bit off in size here and there. That is one of the first enemies to quilting.
Even though I'm not usually a gadget gal, I knew these could possibly solve  my woes with rotary cutting. These are little adhesive rings, as the package claims, that easily peel off. I then stuck them to the back of the ruler.  You can see two of the adhesive rings on the underneath portion of the ruler if you look closely in the photo.  To the right I have shown a perfectly straight strip that I had rotary cut after I had put the adhesives onto my ruler.  Yea!
That long ruler only needed about half of the adhesives in the package. I applied the other adhesives to my large square ruler too!
True Grips are one gadget I highly recommend! More tips soon to come!

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