Saturday, February 21, 2015

More Snow!

What a busy week for snow!

Tis the season to cancel plans to stay home and safely enjoy the snow and ice!

A snow squall came in Valentine's evening, a week ago, shortly after dusk, horribly icing the roads.  The ice wasn't fun.

Monday night a snow storm canceled my plans to visit the Library of Congress open house to learn to use their library/reading room and get a book card of my own...from the Library of Congress! That was a  huge disappointment to cancel. Oh well. Another day. When the snow and ice were done, we had 5" of beauty!

Wednesday we had another snow squall. We all got home just in time before the fierceness hit!

Today we got another 7.5 inches and ice, which canceled a historic trip to Alexandria today, and will cancel a trip to visit my son to join him for church tomorrow. I think all churches in NoVA are canceling services.

I'm glad to have lots of sewing to enjoy while watching the lovely snowflakes fall! The birds seemed to love the snow. It fell quite gently, as opposed to the two previous squalls we had where I'm sure all the birds battened down the hatches of their nests.







7.5" total!

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