Friday, January 23, 2015

Thrift Store Finds-A Theme of Floral in a Classy Jacket and a Cute Little Pitcher

A couple of weeks ago we took my son back to a snowy Patrick Henry College. Throughout the day it was icing and snowing a bit...and on the ground was lots of ice from the day and snow from the week before! Brrrrrr....

After taking care of campus details,we needed to run an errand with my son. When we arrived we noticed for the first time a thrift store nearby! My husband suggested we do the thrift store while my son did the errand, since it was his errand that needed to be conquered. That sounded like fun!

I'm always hesitant about thrift stores. Are they gloomy or bright? Are they dirty or clean? Mussy or  neat? Quality or dumpy? Pricey or affordable? Well, let's just say this has become my all time favorite thrift store!

When I walked through the ladies' clothing section, I found a cute red jacket displayed on the wall. Dare I take it down to try on? Would it fit, much less be affordable? There is a thrift store near me where designer clothing items are rarely less than $50, which isn't a deal for me, so I don't shop there. There is another thrift store near me where dumpy clothing items are rarely less than $20. I definitely don't shop there. I can sew a nice outfit for much cheaper than those prices! 

I took down the jacket and looked at the label. It was my size! It was $10! I tried it on and it was all of the adorable cuteness I look for in clothing! My husband liked it on me a lot! Sold!

Then I looked around some more and found a cute little floral vase for $5! I like collecting teacups, teapots and such with exactly this style!

I took them to the cashier, expecting to pay $15 but instead she charged $7.50. In surprise I said something must have been discounted. I had seen colored discount tags in the store but had forgotten about them. She said yes, that the jacket was on the deepest discount, at 75% off! I bought the jacket for only $2.50! they are!

I love cute and classy styles!


Oops, it's a bit wrinkled. I think that is my fault. I came home, exhausted, I'm recuperating from a long illness (I'm on voice rest now), and I obviously didn't lay it down as carefully as I thought.


I love the ruffles, the flower, and the high quality lining! I couldn't find a tag from the designer at the store, but I finally found it this morning. Inscribed on a metal tag, which you can see partly in the photo, is....White/Black, which I'm guessing is White House/Black Market? If so, they are normally way out of my price range, but $2.50 definitely works!


Here is the little pitcher sitting in my china hutch with the rest of my collection. Can you tell I like florals?


I've always been a huge fan of Royal Chintz! I found out that there used to be a saucer that went with the pitcher. I would have liked that too, but I'm happy with at least the cute little pitcher!


The best thing is that this is a hospice thrift store, where all the proceeds go to hospice. No not everything is designer, but everything was neat and clean. As with all thrift stores finding things is a treasure hunt, but this is a pleasant place to have a treasure hunt.  I will be coming back.

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