Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Snow Outside...and in the Kitchen

We had a weather forecast for a trace of snow. That was good because I had a 10:30am doctor appointment, because although I feel better (see December posts) I don't feel better. I am breathless when I talk. Waking up in the mornings are hard for me, and I'm too breathless if I get too active, so I slept in to  9am and woke up to this! Well actually a bit more than this.  


At 9am it was 22 degrees with heavily falling snow. By 1pm when I took this picture (finally home from the doctor after precarious driving on untreated roads) it was a sunny 30 degrees and the snow had started to melt. 


The outside snow reminded me of this Pfefferneuse that my son baked for me last night. (I wrote about the history of pfefferneuse along with some recipes here.)


Meanwhile I am not allowed to talk or even whisper for the next 3-5 days since talking exacerbates some inflamation. I also got some other meds, so here's hoping to finally feeling better soon!

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