Sunday, September 21, 2014

Full House...Full of Happy Memories

This is a rewrite from last September. After watching a few more episodes I had to include a few more memories.  

September 2014
My entire life has changed. For the first time in years I am not lesson planning, either for public school or homeschool. I left public school long ago and my joys of raising  my kids and teaching them from K-12 has culminated with graduation and their successfully going off to college...which definitely pleases me! I worked exceedingly hard to get them to this point, trying to find the best curriculums, books, programs, whatever they needed to begin their own journey into life.

Now what? I just feel a bit at loss without piles of books to dig through, activities to fit in between readings, field trips to explore, historical clothing to sew.

Since I no longer lesson plan at night, I have done a bit of channel surfing beyond Food Network and HGTV...and stumbled upon old episodes of Full House, the 1980's story of the widowed Danny Tanner whose best friend, Joey Gladstone and brother-in-law, Uncle Jesse, help him raise his three little girls after his wife is killed in a traffic accident. My broken heart of memories reached deeper into my past  by this fun show that renewed the journey of fun, love, and growing up.

I first saw the show before I was  married.  By the time the show ended, I was married and my husband and had a full house of our own, though we were not as silly or as talented as the Tanner family, but somehow they do remind me a bit of ourselves. While watching the shows I made a list I saw on the show of similarities between the Tanner family and my family that I will now fill in.

Uncle Jesse might be glad to know that even Elvis made his way to one of our history presentations...Blue Hawaii.

Vintage moments here and there with the Tanner family...oh yes, vintage moments in this house too!

Oh the baby memories...dealing with kids growing up...different names, different towns...same questions and longings.

 singing tv songs...oh yes, my husband and I have done this to the surprise of our own kids!

kitchen door handle...hmmm, can't remember what that was about

can't replace Mr. Bear with duplicate...oh Stephanie did not want toeplace or part with Mr. Bear anymore than my daughter ever wanted to replace Miss Dolly. Oh the stories!

Joey tries to fulfill 10 year goal if comedic success-   unload heart on babies, family there for him this in any way related to how I feel now.  Except I did reach my goal, graduating my kids to college, but now what?

clown bd party Michelle...and all the bd dress up parties for Michelle...I love a family that dresses up for a special occasion in costume!

Bluebell ice cream???? On Full House??? Yes, I saw it on the coffeetable. I forget what that was about...but whose idea was that?  Bluebell is from my homestate of Texas! The. best. ice. cream. ever.  Got to love a show that has Bluebell Ice Cream!

My favorite scenes were probably those poignant moments when Uncle Jesse confided in baby Michelle. How many times did I do that with my babies?

Uncle Jesse the Elvis fan, Frank Sinatra fan, Beach Boy fan! That works for us! Some of the only music I remember liking from the 1970's were the Beach Boys! I always loved it when they were on the show!

Oh my, that song, Forever, Uncle Jesse sang to Rebecca at their wedding! Here is John Stamos singing it with the Beach Boys at a concert October 7, 2013 in San Antonio, Texas. Two days from my birthday, in my hometown! Fun, fun, fun! (No, I wasn't there. I had moved to Virginia by then. But this was fun to stumble on!)

Although my husband and I had special songs sung at our wedding, I can't imagine him choosing "Forever." A poet sings that song. I'm more of the poet in the family. However my husband is more, hmmmm...Danny Tanner! We have laughed about this every time we see Danny whip out a dust pan or dust cloth. My husband and Danny Tanner would get along really well!

Full House...thanks for the memories! (I'll edit as I watch more shows. This time I'll try to edit the night I see the show!)

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