Thursday, January 29, 2015

Now Where am I Going?

Well, I think I have finally caught up with posting some of the basics of our 20th cenury studies for all of my homeschool and teacher friends who like book lists and teaching ideas. Without a doubt the modern era is my least favorite...and once we hit it last blogging seriously slowed down.
Meanwhile my kids have been in college this year studying all kinds of fascinating classics from the Iliad and Odyssey, the Greeks and the Romans, the colonial era of America and its early foundations once it became a country, and more! My turn!

Actually I have done some 17th and 18th century reading last autumn that I have not yet shared. Also I'm in the middle of reading A Son of Thunder:  Patrick Henry and the American Republic, which is a terrific book! I like how the author has woven the facts to read like a story. Better yet, was the opportunity to read it at Patrick Henry College last December while waiting for my son to finish all his errands before coming home for Christmas!

In fact I have a huge book collection on the history of the 18th and 19th century that I have collected over the years based on recommendations from many of the interpreters of Colonial Williamsburg, with topics ranging from colonial Virginia to Paris, France!

I'm still healing (I started my third volume of written communication to my family) and it still hurts to move too much while lifting. The chest muscles are slow to heal. However I'm stitching small projects, 18th century and vintage, which I hope to share soon.

I also have some historical cooking to share...perhaps I can get my husband to help me historically cook. He's been cooking for the last 2 months for me and he's tired of it and I can't wait to return full speed back into my kitchen again. However lifting pots and pans and such hurts my side  and these days I'm usually tired by the time he gets home after pushing as much as I can during the day. Thankfully my side is feeling better, bit by bit.

Although I'll take more jaunts into other historical eras, my focus will be late 18th and early 19th favorite time period.

Also I hope to learn how to use the scanner so I can finally scan many of our photos from the pre-digital era of our lives. Then I can share some of the cute homeschool stuff and field trips we did when  my kids were much younger. Also I have more costume photos to share...from those pre-digital days! 

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