Sunday, July 29, 2007

Daughter's Garden Bedroom from Texas

Now to catch up with some house remodel and quilting projects!

My daughter's favorite colors are pink and purple. Can you tell? This is a Double Irish Chain pattern for the quilt. I can't find a better shot of the bed. The bed skirt is a lavendar floral print. I did a sheer overlay, where I sewed both selvage edges to the seam and gathered to the top of the bed skirt. Inside I had slipped in large silk gerber daisies from my all time favorite store, Hobby Lobby, to pop against the purple bedskirt. (Sadly I never got great pictures of this.)


Then I painted this huge tree with swing in the corner. I am not an artist so if I can do this, anyone can do this! I used a Donna Dewberry book for instructions who lays everything out with easy to follow directions!


 We also purchased a limestone looking laminate countertop from Lowes for her desk. I wish I had gotten a close-up of the countertop because it truely looked like limestone! It was a snap to clean, which is a good thing considering she does a lot of craft projects here! It's quite durable and nice looking!

On the shelves over the countertop are lots of purple cups that I found at Hobby Lobby, along with other neat pink and purple cylindrical containers. I organized her craft supplies in each container: gel pens in one, markers in another, color pencils in another, scrapbook scissors in another, etc.    

I also painted a green picket fence around the room. It was really easy to do, measuring along the way with a yardstick and pencil.

The smaller bookcase is a picket unfinished piece I found somewhere. I painted that green with an antique effect, since the wood was rough.

The little white antiqued wrought iron bedside table was purchased at Hobby Lobby! I'm not sure where I found the purple lamp, but she loved it. There are little purple beads that dangle from the edge of the lamp. The flower picture was also purchased at Hobby Lobby!

The headboard was also purchased in raw wood at Hobby Lobby, which I painted green.


I found the tall bookcase in someone's garbage pile years ago. It was a country blue color, which was fine but most of the backing was gone. I asked my husband to rip off the last of the old backing and replace it with a new plywood back. Then I re-painted it country blue and put it in my kitchen pantry. Then we moved to this house where I put it in my pantry again, for a few years. When I started painting  my daughter's bedroom, I decided to give her the bookcase, which I repainted green to match the fence on her walls. Then I used Donna Dewberry techniques to paint flowers on the sides.

Here are close-ups of the florals with a more accurate rendering of the green color.



I made the bulletin board by hot glueing more silk gerber daisies (from Hobby Lobby) around the edge. The shelf above the bulletin board was made by my husband when my daughter was little. Inset in the center bottom portion of the shelf is a floral heart cross stitch I had done. The other shelving over the counter top on the right was purchased in raw wood from Hobby Lobby and we painted it green to match all the other furniture. Well most of all the other furniture. The rocking chair was purchased when my daughter was born, and I deeply considered for years whether to refinish the paint and redo the fabric or not on that.  In the end I never did. I finally sold it. The little pink butterfly mirror on the wall between the shelving was also purchased at Hobby Lobby.


I think it's a lot of fun to design a child's bedroom around a theme that they enjoy most. It sort of surrounds them in fun and comfort! Paint is relatively cheap and can pack a punch! I wish I had taken better pictures, but this was before I had a digital camera and blogged. Hopefully everyone gets the idea though...and this is a great memory for us to come back to!

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