Saturday, January 17, 2015

18th Century Needlework-Choices, Choices, Choices

I'm doing better each day yet healing is slow so I continue my convalescence. I'm beginning to get quite bored, then I remembered I had several needlework, as in cross stitch and queen's stitch kits, that I've been putting off due to my busy-ness with larger projects. They are all 18th century reproductions that I had purchased at different historic sites.


Purchased at Mount Vernon is this cross stitch reproduction...


Purchased at Poplar Forest is this cross stitch reproduction...


Purchased at Colonial Williamsburg's Mary Dickinson Shop is this cross stitch reproduction... 


This was purchased at Colonial Williamsburg, I think at the DeWitt Wallace Museum, one fourth of July for me to work on while waiting for the fireworks to start! This is a Queen's Stitch reproduction project.


This was purchased at Colonial Williamsburg's Mary Dickenson Shop, a reproduction pocket with many new stitches too learn!


Hmm, which should I choose to work on?

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