Monday, January 26, 2015

18th Century and WWII Stitching Currently in Progress

I am currently working on two historic sewing projects. For my quiet time during my convalescence (about to start Volume III of my journaI of conversations with my family), I have been working on a darling little 18th century needlecase.  If you'd like to see how far I've gotten, then check my companion facebook page that features my historic sewing.

During my more active moments, I've been working on my WWII project. I've researched extant images on-line and even e-mailed my mother-in-law who kindly shared her memories of clothing she and her sisters wore while growing up during WWII.  I've located a free e-pattern that  my mother-in-law approved! I dug out appropriate fabric from my fabric stash. I've printed out, taped together and cut out my e-pattern. It's laid out on the fabric now and I have just enough! I hope to start sewing this item together Tuesday or Wednesday, and start sharing progress photos on my facebook page. When I complete the project I'll share the big reveal here with details of the project!

My plan is to continue this plan, post works-in-progress photos on my facebook page as I work, then posting the big reveal on my blog, since the blog is sometimes quiet about my sewing, even though I am actually stitching!

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