Thursday, December 11, 2014


My son came home from Patrick Henry College today and all seems right in the world again. He came home for Thanksgiving with a couple of PHC friends and it was all wonderful, or almost wonderful. The sad thing was seeing how exhausted he was and all the coughing. He's at high risk with Reactive Airway Disease and I told him to kick in the use of the inhaler to protect his lungs. He otherwise seemed fine, but he was so exhausted. He'd work on schoolwork, then I'd find him asleep. He coughed so much for two weeks that the muscles around his ribs were in pain. We couldn't get an appointment with our doctor so I listened to his lungs before he went back to college and they sounded clear. He's usually so full of energy and joy that it was sad to see the exhaustion consume him. Rejoicing now that he finally has his energy back and hardly coughing at all! 

And now that life seems right...I think my blogging thoughts have returned. =)

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