Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Doctor Time

So last Tuesday I went to the doctor and was loaded down with a z-pak, cough syrup with codeine, and my first inhaler. I slept through Christmas and the rest of the week.
Today I took my daughter to the doctor and she got the same meds I did. She's not as bad off as I've been...perky, up and about pretty much, talking lots. However she's coughed and coughed for too long and her chest muscles are starting to hurt. She's now loaded with the big artillery of battle and resting.
I'm finally doing better, as long as I do not talk. If I talk I cough and cough and it hurts enormously because my chest muscles are in extreme pain from all the coughing. 
I can't imagine my son went through this from before Thanksgiving through finals. I had sent him back to college after Thanksgiving with a cough med that was used up before finals. His RA was so kind to run to the store for him and get some cough syrup and a tea to soothe his throat. My son was enormously stoic yet suffered enormously through those last days of the semester. He's been telling me all about how his symptoms were just like mine are now...and I have the luxery of sleeping through the day and night. As it was, when he came home for Christmas his chest muscles were still in pain from all the coughing he did. 
 These last few weeks have not at all gone the way I'd like. My son has Swing Dance lessons in our future! They do a lot of that at PHC and we've been wanting to learn. I looked at the calendar yesterday and was shocked at how much of December has disappeared and there isn't much time left for us to have fun together before college days resume for both of the kids.
Perhaps tomorrow I can post pictures of the Christmas my husband and kids put together for me while I slept through my illnesss.      

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