Sunday, August 31, 2014

Late August Gardens at Colonial Williamsburg

We dropped my son off at college, my daughter started college too, and I was sad and lonely. I fiddled a bit with my Row by Row project though I wasn't completely happy with that. That Saturday my husband took me down to Williamsburg for the day, I mean afternoon, so I could collect a Row by Row pattern and then spend a bit of time in the lovely historic area. The drive down was somewhat hectic and slow with traffic, causing a 2.5 hour drive to drag out to m-o-r-e time on the highway. Finally we arrived at the quilt shop in Williamsburg to pick up my Row by Row pattern which featured the historic area! Then drove to Merchants Square for lunch at the Cheese Shop which was insanely busy! My favorite chips and drinks were gone! One of the ladies told me it was because the college crowd had returned to the College of William and Mary. Yes, that reminded me of my kids starting college earlier this week also. Once upon a time we used to dress up and drive down for a day as a colonial or revolutionary family, depending on the dates portrayed that day. (sigh) We walked out to sit on a shady bench while listening to the Fife and Drum Corps play their cheerful tunes!  The sky was bright blue! Apart from the crazy traffic we had left behind once we entered the infamous 4 mph society of Colonial Williamsburg, the day was perfect!
It was nearly 4pm and a Founding Father was about to speak behind the Governor's Palace. These are some of my favorite programs! We walked through the gardens enjoying the blooms of the final days of August.



Stay tuned for our afternoon at the Governor's Palace with a Founding Father!

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