Friday, October 10, 2014

Historic Clothing, Quilting and Books for my Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. After my daughter came home from college and my husband came home from work, we drove up to my son's college to pick him up for dinner.



We had a bit of dinner, talked a long while, then took him back to college. Well, before he left the car he had me open my present, which is later in this post.


We came home for delicious dessert!


Then I opened the rest of my gifts. My husband does not like to shop for me so I did the shopping and handed them off to him. I got these books from our visit to Ashlawn Highland, President James Monroe's house. The book on the right is a book on the history of Monroe! Because of the tour he joined my list of favorite presidents! The book on the left is all about the historical clothing they have in their collection, some of which I got to see on display! It will be a great reference when recreating historic clothing!  (Hmmm, that reminds me that I should share other similar books I've picked up over the years on extant clothing! I'll  keep that in mind!)


From all my quilt shop hopping to pick up free row by row patterns (stay tuned for that completed quilt) I got these fabrics to perhaps do the quilt pattern shown. I mainly got it because my husband's favorite time of year is autumn so I knew he'd like it...which reminds me I need to pull out all the autumn stuff to decorate the house. He likes that. To me, it's more stuff to dust, so I tend to put it off. However right now things are crazy. We are getting a new hot water heater and furnace today.

My son's library had a booksale so he bought all these books for me for $1! He spent a little more for my favorite candy bars! He wrapped everything in his campus newspaper!  I'm currently reading one of his college books that he lent to me. He's also e-mailed me large texts of information to read. Now this.  He's keeping me busy! ;) 

We did not know until I got home and opened  my daughter's package, that she had the same idea. She bought these two books for me at her college booksale, for $1 each! My son still has no idea she did this! I wonder how in the world she kept quiet when he gave me his college booksale books! She was behind me in the car so she was probably flapping her hands in excitement when it happened! lol


She also gave me this crossstitch bookmark that she labored over for a few years despite her need for vision therapy.  She also gave me the 2 musical bookmarks in the lower left corner. She knew I liked the New York Times crossword puzzles so she got this book for $1. I worked on the first puzzle last night which had swords and Lafayette in it!


 I guess I'll be keeping busy!

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  1. Busy indeed! But that's a good way to be. Thoughtful gifts create such lovely memories. And it's nice that these will keep you busy for more than just a few moments, so you'll be able to continue enjoying them and remembering your children.