Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Happy Birthday to my Son!

I'm usually baking cookies to take to my son in college, for him and the guys to enjoy. A taste of home...at least the way my son remembers it. However today required something different. His favorite cake is a Texas Sheet Cake, which he asks for every year for his birthday. Since today was the big day, I baked his favorite cake in a disposable pan with a lid. After my husband got off work we drove up to his college. He was thrilled to find the cake waiting for him when he climbed into the car! After dinner at a restaurant of his choice at a burger place, just around the corner from where we ate for my birthday last week, we enjoyed a bit of cake.


He was suprised by the presents, since I had told him all the stuff we bought for his dorm room, after seeing the price tags (even after all the coupons), was his birthday present. My daughter got him a puzzle book from the same college bookstore she shopped at for my birthday. I also got him a little something on sale, a new tie. Before he left for college we went through all the ties at the store then I took pictures on my cell phone. I had a $10 coupon and used it for one of his choices that was on the reduced price rack. A great looking $5 tie that was in one of my photos was there! He laughed when he saw it, because he had an incident with one of his ties. Because it got a stain on it, he threw it into the washing machine. (sigh...Before he left for college I told him not to throw his suit into the washing machine but I never even thought of the tie!) He said it's sort of wrinkled now. lol I have a plan to try to rescue it, but in the meantime he has a nice new conservative tie. He doesn't like anything wild.

We left him with lots of napkins, plastic forks and paper plates to share with the guys. A bit different from cookies. I hope it tastes like home for them!

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