Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Award! Homeschool Blog List!

I've just been notified that I've been awarded one of the Top 30 Homeschool Blogs of 2014 by Top Education Degrees: Your Guide to the Best Education Degrees.  My blog is #26 on the list, the sole blog under the category of Social Studies. Describing my blog they said, "With an invitation to join the author in her garden of life, this blog takes readers on an exploration into history, their homeschooling journey, trips to fascinating places, and their latest projects in quilting, sewing and historical costume design." Then they featued one of my signature posts!

Also listed are 29 other homeschool blogs under various categories such as Charlotte Mason, Classical, Montessori, Art and Music, Science, and many, many more. What a wealth of resources for the homeschool community!

Introducing the list is a documented history of the beginnings of the homeschool movement, which they proclaim is becoming a force in the education world!

Thank you Top Education Degrees for the recognition! 

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