Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A Peak Inside the Peyton Randolph House

While we were visiting Colonial Williamsburg, we had an opportunity for a tour at the Peyton Randolph House. It was unique for many reasons For one, we were the only ones on the tour! As a result we got more time and more information as to the inside scoop to the Randolph family! What fun! After the tour the interpreter kept chatting with us in the yard behind the house, where the other Peyton Randolph interpreters popped over to say hello! They have watched  my kids grow up over the years and wanted a chance to say hello and see how they are doing. Wasn't that nice? =)

Peyton Randolph's fascinating story is here. Randolph led the First Continental Congress in Philadelphia in 1774 and also led the Second Continental Congress in 1775. Each time he stepped away for a season to deal with emergency matters in Virginia. Randolph returned to the Continental Congress in the autumn in 1775, but shortly thereafter he passed away. Randolph is credited for beginning each session of Congress with prayer. I've heard it said many times that if Randolph had lived, because he was so esteemed by his co-patriots, that he would have been elected first president of our country. Peyton Randolph is one of the many Revolutionary personas one can  meet on the streets of Colonial Williamsburg via the Revolutionary City programming.

It has always amazed me how much of our country's history has come from Williamsburg, Virginia. Visiting his home in Colonial Williamsburg gives us a peak into little known stories of our country's history and fight for liberty.












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