Monday, August 11, 2014

1950's Petticoat

For our 1950's dresses I wanted to make authentic 1950's petticoats, so I used these directions from the 1950's that Alice Lon's mother used to make for her that she showcased in her showbusiness career!  I took measurements for me, but all the gathering causes the netting to pucker up quite a bit so it ended up being too short for me.




My daughter wore this one, which I did not make as full as the directions. However I made it rather full, using up all the fabric I could from the netting I had in the fabric stash. The resulting silhouette looked like this.


I wore two petticoats. One is a modern eyelet slip with ruffle that I made years ago. The other is a netted petticoat that I made four years ago.

Because I was so busy getting my kids ready for college, and taking care of homeschool paperwork for admissions, I did not have as much time to make another petticoat like I had planned. Instead I studied the silhouettes in period images. Even then multiple petticoats could be used to create the desired silhouette so I simply raided my closet to achieve some poof!

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