Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Journey Patrick Henry College

Last week we took my son to college...

1-Moving Out

When my son was quite young, I received a mailing about the ground breaking and vision for a Christian liberal arts classical education college that would be named after a great Founding Father of rhetorical renown and deep conviction of liberty...Patrick Henry. By the time my son was five, he was quite discouraged with current events and expressed the need for our country to return to a Constitutional government as our Founding Fathers established.  We reformatted our homeschool to follow the classical model in preparation for the future. A classical model education reaps exceeding benefits so it paves the way for thinking deeply with great matter what the choice of college or trade. Many years later...we drove my son to his new perhaps follow in the footsteps of that great man who paved the way as a firebrand of rhetoric in the American Revolution.


As we passed through the lobby, the row of pictures of notable Commencement speakers caught my eye. Wait! What???? Be still my heart! The legendary San Antonio Spur's David Robinson spoke at PHC???? (For those who might not know we moved to Virginia a few years ago from San Antonio.) Now it's bugging me WHO had such great taste that they invited David Robinson here? This is my kind of school!

2-David Robinson San Antonio Spurs

After passing all the stations my son finally got the key to his new home!


I do believe my son is the only guy who had the girls' soccer team volunteer to take in his stuff! Then the RA took care of assembling my son's bike!


Here is the imperfect quilt I made for my son! lol No worries about showcasing the imperfections! My son also brought his 18th century items to make his room more homey: a quill and inkstand, a Colonial Williamsburg calendar, and a gift we had received from the CW EFT crew many years ago...a poster of the Declaration of Independence. There has been talk of bringing his 3 cornered hat...I suppose to keep company with his 18th century fife that he brought!


The view outside his window is great! And he has great roommates! I got to meet one of them with his mom that day! The other I haven't yet met but I've heard great things!


After a busy move-in day last Tuesday, we had a lovely dinner followed by great speeches by founder/Chancellor Dr. Michael Farris and president, Dr. Graham Walker. There was also a fun quiz show with great prizes for some of the freshmen who were randomly picked to play! The moms also signed up to be on the prayer chain for the year.

Wednesday was a full day of orientation activities. At one of them I got to meet the philosophy professor. Immediately I could tell I'd have much preferred taking a philosophy class with him than with the instructor I had years ago. My son will have him for Logic and everything in the class sounded great. One of the concepts, syllogisms, sounded familiar to my son but he couldn't remember why. I told him that was how I wrote college papers, then he remembered the stories I've told him. Then I explained to the professor that in college I had a crash course in logic to learn how to craft syllogisms to write persuasive papers throughout my college career. Crash courses are rough. I would much preferred taking his class to better understand the concepts!

That evening we had another dinner. The theme for orientation was "Anchors Aweigh." Everything was lovely!





After the dinner the RAs put on a few funny skits about life on campus. Then each of the families gathered around their sons/daughters to hug them and pray them into their collegiate journey. Soon we'd be saying goodbye. There wasn't a dry eye on the campus.

Just as I thought we had to "forever" say goodbye, we were surprised by an ice cream social with the professors in the foyer.I got to meet the Western Civilization professor and I'm wishing I could take his class...


At last we said our "final goodbyes" and left my son to new adventures.



From the phone calls, everything sounds great! This is a rigorous college and my son is up to the challenge and is enjoying his classes at Patrick Henry College. In recent phone calls I can already tell my son has matured with great growth.


We actually know the historical interpreter at Colonial Williamsburg who portrays Patrick Henry. He was pleased as punch to hear my son would be attending the college that bears his name (and we've seen him brag to some of the citizens of Williamsburg about that!) His parting words to my son, as Patrick Henry, was "Remember to study there with virtue and vigilence." Indeed so, that was our vision and that is our prayer!

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