Thursday, August 7, 2014

Grapes From our Tiny Bit of Vineyard

When we first moved into our Virginia house five years ago, my husband said we needed a plant for this spot that was always sunny where nothing would grow. We tend to have hot summers, so I suggested grapes! Not long after that, our next door neighbor got the same idea, so he bought grapes for the exact same spot on his property. When he opened his grape seedling packages, he had doubles, so he gave us the extras! Ever since he and my husband have been comparing grape growing successes.

Next my husband asked me how to maintain the grapes since they were growing all over the place. I said he should espalier it against the wall with fencing. There are examples of this nearby at George Washingto's Mount Vernon and Colonial Williamsburg in the Governor's Palace Garden. The grapes need to be trimmed to maximize energy to produce the grapes. Also spreading it out like this helps it to avoid disease and maximize sun exposure.


This spring there was a mama bird who kept her nest at the top of the fencing. The guys figured out over the years they  need to put netting up to keep birds from eating the fruit before we could harvest them.

I wasn't able to get a picture of this year's harvest. We ate them before I thought about it. However here is a picture of the past. They are delicious!


They are called Canadice Grapes.
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  1. How wonderful to harvest your own grapes! I am so jealous!