Friday, August 8, 2014

1950's Rhetoric History Presentation...the End of an Era...Our Homeschool Era

The other night we had our very last homeschool history  presentation. We had a lot of fun but at the end of the evening while we enjoyed our ice cream floats, we reminisced and got teary eyed about coming to the end of an era...the era of our homeschool history presentations. Our very first one was in kindergarten with a beach theme. There were beachy elements to this last one too because it was the 1950's...

Details here on on the dresses I sewed for my daughter and me.


Time to eat!


My son portrayed a pilot from the Korean War who wanted us to taste some of the Korean food he had eaten while stationed there. After WWII Americans moved to the newly developed suburbs, where families commonly had bbqs, so my husband grilled the Korean short ribs! (More on the recipes in a future post!)


This recipe was from Pesident Eisenhower and it has a funny story, which I shall share later! Stay tuned!




For the 1950's theme we had dinner in the backyard while listening to Hawaiian music.  People of the 1950's had many Hawaiian parties.



In honor of our final history presentation Mrs. Eisenhower sent us pink roses! The green part is a banana leaf.


My daughter portrayed President Truman's daughter, Margaret. She and the Korean War pilot (my  son) shared their stories over dinner. I simply portrayed the wife of a military officer who had been stationed in Hawaii and Germany during the 1940's and 1950's and had seen the Berlin Airlift and felt the tensions of the Cold War. It was because of the Marshall Plan that we established military bases in Europe, to help protect the countries from the threat of communism. 


After dinner we made a Korean dessert with these ingredients. I'll share more on this later. I forgot to take a picture of the final product.


Then we went to the basement (We should have called it the Fall Out Shelter.) to play a game modeled after Jeopardy. The 1950's were the beginnings of game shows. Even though Jeopardy had not yet debuted, we enjoy the format and it's an easy one to put together. Here are all the books we read.

My son decided to name the game show "Enigma" after the secret decoder device of the era. Enigma basically means a perplexing puzzle.



My husband wore a NASA polo shirt he got when we went to the Johnson Space Center one summer, so I called him NASA for the game show. 


I'll share more about the game since I made it interactive with 1950's elements. After the game we wrapped up the evening with ice cream floats! Yum! Coca Cola was available in these types of bottles in the 1950's. Milano cookies were introduced in the 50's and Haagen Dazs Ice Cream came to the US in the 50's. Not sure about the Reddi Whip but it was good!




Then we began to reminisce over our favorite history presentations. I've been quite teary for weeks, thinking about my youngest going away to college and homeschool years ending. It finally hit my husband and he got teary eyed and choked up, disheartened that we had reached the end of an era. If we had anything to change about our history presentations, we would have had more of them.
The End

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  1. I have loved watching your history presentations unfold for years. you have done the most amazing job with your children. I hope you enjoy your next era just as much as the last. I know it is so hard to say goodbye to the era of homeschooling. I worry about the end coming some of the time and it is eight years away for me.
    Blessings, Dawn