Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Colonial Williamsburg Tailor Discusses Summerwear

While we were visiting Colonial Williamsburg during Drummer's Call, we had an oppotunity to visit the tailor! We found him working on a tent-like structure! When I asked him about it he said it was in fact, a tarp-like structure for the Armoury to provide them with some shade this summer.
One thing I enjoy about visiting the tailor, is that no two visits have been the same. Each visit yields a different discussion partially based on the questions from the guests.  Of course the tailor, like the other interpreters and tradespeople, is a wealth of information.  The query of the day was...modesty...which somehow led to a discussion on bathing suits! I found this quite interesting because I had seen historical articles pop up in my journeys around the internet previous to this trip to the tailor. In fact most of them referenced Martha Washington's bathing suit! I had been curious if anything I had read was accurate because I had found it rather astounding, so I was certainly listening intently. I learned that much of what I read was indeed correct!  The tailor did explain that the 18th century bathing suit was like a shift. Weights were placed in the hem to keep the shift from floating up.
Here is an article I found for kids from the Washington Post that was recently published about historic bathing suits, including Martha Washington's. It's in two parts:
Here is the slide show...and the article (there is the same slide show here that doesn't work.)

Here is a post from Mount Vernon's blog.

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