Monday, August 4, 2014

Remembering Jay Gaynor of Colonial Williamsburg

Today in my facebook newsfeed, I received some sad news via the Colonial Williamsburg Engraving Shop. Colonial Williamsburg's Director of Historic Trades, Jay Gaynor, passed away this morning. A Winter 2004-2005 article from the Colonial Williamsburg Journal written by Mr. Gaynor is here.
My son and I were fortunate enough to meet him a few years ago.
In June of 2011, my kids and I were attending a special Lord De La Warre day program at Historic Jamestowne. When we walked around the corner we saw a gentleman with longbows in his possession! Intrigued because we had been fascinated by our studies of the Hundred Years War, my son and I had to meet him and his longbows! My son got to try out the longbow (wow!) and we learned about the different points of the arrows. We spent a lot of time talking about longbows and the Hundred Years War. I mentioned to him how I had read the GA Henty book about the war aloud to my kids and he just sighed. He was definitely a kindred spirit! About midway down the post (via the previous link) are more details of our meeting.

Trying out a Longbow







The following spring he invited us to a Longbow Tournament in Williamsburg. This time both my son and I got to try out the Longbow!

Longbow Tournament

Longbow Tournament


My Son Got to Try out the Longbow

My Turn to Try out the Longbow

My condolences to Mr. Gaynor's family and friends. My son and I will always have the best memories of meeting him and of the opportunity to shoot a longbow. Someday we will have our own longbows...which will always remind us of him.

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