Monday, July 28, 2014

Creativity to Calm

Well the ending to my story is being postponed because I've had little time to create. Despite having all the ideas and scenarios in my head, I've been focusing and doing and attacking all those to-do lists. I feel great that I'm conquering those tasks, yet I feel a bit empty since I haven't been creative lately. This is a great  tie-in to an article I read a few weeks ago on this very subject: This is Your Brain on Knitting. I've done enough brain research to know that a balance of exercise, healthy eating, cognitive development and creativity are huge in brain development at any age, from training students to preventing the loss of memory in old age, to pure stress relief in the in-between ages.
This reminds me I'd like to learn to knit this next year. A few projects from Jane Austen Knits have been calling me!

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