Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A Sparrow and a Mockingbird Greeting us in our Garden

Sunday as we were walking up the path to our house, I noticed a sparrow land carefully on this gladiolus...then she treated us to a song.   We stayed there for several minutes, then went quietly inside the house, after which the sparrow flew away. 
Sparrow on Gladiolus
Tues we were walking up our sidewalk and found a baby mockingbird hesitantly standing on our front step.  Mama mockingbird was on top of the roof chirping loudly. After I took the picture, we walked into the house so as to not infuriate mama mockingbird further.  Later I went back to the porch but baby mockingbird was gone. However he must have been nearby because mama mockingbird was flying from the porch to the nearby redbud tree, still loudly chirping. All was quiet today. 

Baby Mockingbird

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  1. I have lots of different birds at my feeders and birdbaths, but have never seen a mockingbird.