Tuesday, July 15, 2014

18th Century Cap with Lilac

The latest challenge for the Historical Sew Fortnightly was "Under $10" so I thought a great project would be a proper 18th century cap for my daughter. This takes so little fabric, yet it's such an essential accessory fo the 18th century persona. Caps were worn by all social classes, whether married or single, to keep the hair clean. Perhaps at night at a ball a lady would attend with her hair dressed up, or with a wig, but without a cap.
I used some leftover 100% cotton windowpane fabric that I had used for my 1860's gown. I got this fabric on sale for $5 a yard.  I only used 1/2 yard so the fabric came to $2.50. I accented the cap with purple  satin ribbon, which might have cost about $3 for the 12 foot roll.  I only used a small portion, less than 2 feet. I'd say this cap cost me $3 in all, including the little bit of thread I used, which I also bought on sale.
I used the Kannik Korner pattern for Women's and Girls' Caps from 1740-1820. I made version A: Round Eared Cap with Split Ruffle Variation. It is 100% hand sewn. Here are some close-up shots of my work:
The gather whipped stitch:

The eyelet...

First I had my daughter model the cap itself...




After I added her favorite ribbon (purple of course!) I took the final shots!





Now for the HSF details:

HSF 2014

The Challenge: #13 Under $10

Fabric: cotton

Pattern: Kannik Korner

Year: 18th century

Notions: ribbon

How historically accurate is it? quite

Hours to complete: many

First worn: Colonial Williamsburg

Total cost: free, stash project

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