Monday, June 30, 2014

Meeting the National Christian Choir at a Patriotic Concert


Last night my family and I got to see the National Christian Choir! I have a friend, whom I met years ago through an on-line homeschool support group, who sings with them and it was great to meet her in person for the first time! After the concert we also got to meet her son and his friends. It was such a wonderful visit!
Before that, we had a glorious time listening to the music. I knew we would. I had previously listened to samples on-line and knew this was definitely a concert my family would enjoy.
This particular concert was a patriotic concert, celebrating the upcoming 4th of July!

After we were invited to join them in the Star Spangled Banner, the director read a prayer written by President Thomas Jefferson in 1801. She also read Psalm 33 and then the choir sang the beautiful words set to music.
This concert was more than great music. Not only was this patriotic...

... but this was also worship. There was prayer.  The director shared that this concert would be about praising our God whom our country was founded.
After many patriotic songs and worship songs that fit with the theme, the choir sang one of my favorite songs, If My People, from II Chron 7:14 which I've been praying daily for our country for the last year, which my brother's church preached about last week, and which our church preached that morning. The songs that followed built up the theme about trusting God and praying for a spiritual revival in our country that begins in our hearts.
My husband was absolutely beside himself in enjoyment! While I got to chit chat with my friend after the program, he went to speak to the director. Then when he heard some of the guests auditioning with the pianist, he simply couldn't restrain himself! He went to the piano to audition too...mainly for the sake of singing. Rehearsals are in Maryland. We aren't quite at the point where we are free to travel right now but we did talk about joining. His voice is one that would pass the audition. Mine...well...I think until that day comes I'd best pull out my voice warm-up CDs and prepare this poor, poor voice which was never great but hasn't sung in a choir in ages. =)
When we left, I couldn't decide which CD I wanted. There are so many. I finally told my husband to choose whichever one he wanted so he bought one of their patriotic CDs! Tonight at the dinner table we started talking about last night and this man of few words used many exuberant sentences to describe his enjoyment!
My kids also enjoyed the evening and meeting new friends and talking to everybody!
I left quite ecstatic about meeting my friend and having enjoyed the concert. It definitely prepared my heart for 4th of July...and spiritual revival.
To see if there is a concert near you, check their schedule hear!


  1. Thank you. I have posted a link on my FB page and on the NCC's FB page.

    Loretta Spangler, NCC member

    1. Aww, thank you Loretta! it was so wonderful meeting you at long last! =)