Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Summery Circle Skirt with Embroidered Bodice for Me-Butterick 4795

Once upon a time I used to sew most of my contemporary clothes, then I had children. They kept me busy...and they decided I should learn how to sew historically accurate clothing. As our historical clothing collection grew, our contemporary clothing sort of fizzled out as items wore out.  Each summer, as my time freed up from homeschooling, I'd determine that I'm going to sew contemporary clothes and I usually did sew a few things for my daughter, but rarely did I sew anything for me. 
Then a couple of months ago I was invited to a sewing contest, and the first challenge was spring. I wasn't sure about entering, but I definitely needed a a few new outfits. Since I quickly planned outfits for each of the challenges, I got started with challenge #1...which in the end, I never submitted. My dress was completed in time, but I was too cold to wear it the first week of April when I was freezing with the ever present winter weather! However I finally wore my dress on Mother's Day, which was the first Sunday this year I didn't need anything to keep me warm outdoors!
The first challenge, I think, was nature, which I kept interpreting as spring. I'm used to a short winter in Texas but winters are longer in Virginia and this winter was particularly long. I was ready for spring, and I love florals, so I went on a mission to find a floral fabric for my dress. The first pattern that popped into my mind was Butterick 4795 that I had bought a few years ago but had not yet made up. In fact, the pattern was mostly cut out when I dug it out of the packet. I now remember putting it away, thinking a huge circle skirt was not at all me.  Since then I've been reading vintage blogs about gals who wear vintage fashion on a daily basis, even circle skirts, which at that time I did not think was vintage. Now was my chance to see what I actually thought of a circle skirt on me, because I've been puzzling over contemporary skirt and dress patterns, most of which don't seem to suit me quite right.


I found a lovely drapey pink and orange100% cotton floral at JoAnn. I decided to use the floral for the skirt, and to make the bodice out of a fun embroidered cotton which I also found at JoAnn.
Here are a few process photos...




This is what the yardage looked like after cutting the circle skirt out. Since I didn't use any of the fabric for the bodice, I think I have enough left for a blouse.

It is definitely a circle skirt!

I love my circle skirt dress! It is soft, and drapy and is quite comfortable!


I'm having trouble uploading the back shot, but the bodice is cut a bit low in back. This is the first I have ever mixed up fabric looks for a dress, but I like the effect a lot! Even though I was calling it a spring dress for the contest, that was only because it was spring. However these colors are more summery to me than spring-like, so now it's summery dress! 

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