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World War II Rhetoric History Presentation

A week ago we had our WWII history presentation!  It's taken so long to post because I've taken extra time to turn our color photos into sepia tone! Actually this isn't all that hard, but I've been busy and exhausted and tonight I seem to finally have a bit of mental acuity to do this without falling asleep! Without any further ado...
Presenting my son who portrayed.a 2nd Lieutenant, recently graduated from West Point, on his way to the Pacific Theater. I portrayed Rose Valland of the French Resistance, while working in a Paris museum...while spying on the Nazis.  My daughter portrayed one of the Andrews sisters!
108_1001 sepia

Now to set the stage in color! We read these books for our WWII studies...

We used this for our music. We used the Glenn Miller CD for background most of the evening, then sang to various songs from both CDs.
I pulled out all the 4th of July decorations I could find.  In the basket I put sheet music for the swing tunes we'd be singing later.

We recreated the Hollywood Canteen, one of many such places where the military were treated to a grand send off before they left for their next assignment of military action.

I decorated the set with vintage posters that I bought while visiting various museums over the years. I bought this one at the Museum of the Marine Corps and we used it at our last USO show too!
This one I found last week on top of the bookcase in the original package. I have no idea where I bought it but I still think it's great! It's my favorite! It's technically 1920, but I forgot all about it so we just used it. Besides it will remind us of the Polish Cavalry who fought the Nazi tanks!


I got the newspapers at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library and Museum!


I served typical food found at USO shows and canteens during WWII. In fact, the British soldiers liked trying that American novelty, hotdogs, that President Roosevelt served to the king and queen when they recently visited America.

I created a Victory Garden centerpiece...

All the cold stuff went on ice...not that igloos are period accurate.


To begin, I welcomed everyone to the Hollywood Canteen. My son got the idea to use Newsreels, so I heavily incorporated that into our presentation.
To introduce the Canteen I showed:
Show-Business at War
Christmas Eve at the "Hollywood Canteen"
Hollywood Canteen with Dinah Shore and Lana Turner

After watching The Andrews Sisters at the Hollywood Canteen, my daughter gave her presentation, as one of the Andrews sisters!

Then we watched this modern clip on The Monuments Men, which led to my story as Rose Valland. She worked in a Paris museum when the Nazis stormed into Paris. Her boss told her to secretly watch the Nazis, who were stealing treasures from the museum. Eventually she was the only employee left at the museum. Being such a quiet person, the Nazis knew they had nothing to fear from her.  However she was secretly gathering information for the French Resistance!

Then we watched West Point Sends 409 New Officers into the US Army. This led into my son's story of his persona, that of a 2nd Lieutenant recently graduated from West Point, on his way to the Pacific Theater. He told us some of MacArthur's story, then we watched this clip from the Pacific Theater.

108_1025 sepia

Then we all sang to some Swing Music from Glenn Miller!

108_1032 sepia
Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree...Chattanooga Choo-Choo...

108_1033 sepia
Moonlight Serenade...

108_1036 sepia

108_1038 sepia

108_1040 sepia

Then we listened to Taps..beautifully and poignantly played on the remember the fallen troops...

108_1047 sepia

Now it is time to report back to duty...

108_1051 sepia

108_1053 sepia

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