Tuesday, April 29, 2014

We Have a Vision Therapy Graduate!

Last Friday my daughter graduated from a year of Vision Therapy! It has helped enormously! Her eyes track better and work more efficiently than before.  We've also been working on spatial reasoning skills which has improved her higher level thinking skills.  There is still a bit of work to do but she has homework to help her master the final skills. Then she will be checked at a follow up visit in a few months. I am a believer now in Vision Therapy! 

At first we did not see any results.  Then improvement came bit by bit as we could see during homework sessions that she could finally move her eyes up, down, over, across, in this corner and in that. Bit by bit we labored and struggled until finally 10 months into the program we could see significant results of more efficient eye tracking.  Last semester of college she tended to do her homework (which often took 1.5 hours because we did everything) at least 4 times a week. She usually skipped 1-2 days of homework because she was succombed by college work.This semester she didn't miss a single day. She was still busy with college work, but she didn't have any trouble fitting her vision therapy homework into her busy college schedule.  Also I could tell she was understanding higher level concepts much easier than before. Now if she wanted to talk about something difficult that she didn't understand, we might have 5-15 minute talks instead of 1 hour or more talks. =)

When the vision therapy doctor sent us a Christmas e-mail of great activities to do at home, he said the worst one to do was technology based.  Now, she has used some technology in their office, and has 2 computer programs to work on eye tracking, however those are exceptions. Most technology do more harm to the eyes than help. Two dimensional worlds in technology exacerbate problems for kids who are struggling anyway. Nor do they develop skills in average or above-average learners either. Great Books, the great outdoors, and hands-on projects yield tremendous positive results.

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