Tuesday, April 15, 2014

1942 Black Hat with White Roses

I have recently made, and worn, a WWII era hat to go with a dress I had recently sewn.  For ideas I looked at lots of WWII homefront images. I found lots of lovely hats in all types of styles.  Since I had sewn a white and black dress, I decided to go with the same color theme for a hat.  I looked everywhere I could think of for a black hat.  At a loss, I finally mentioned something on my Historical Sew Fortnightly group and Lauren from Wearing History gave me some wonderful ideas...including finding a hat for me on Etsy! Thank you!
When the hat arrived, I was quite surprised at how small it was. Here it is on top of the 1940's dress I had just finished sewing.

I was imagining a much larger hat, but Lauren had specifically mentioned smaller hats were also the style. I puzzled for quite sometime as to how to decorate the hat, since the possibilities are limitless. This hat has a brim on one side but not the other.  I even read through this 1944 booklet I found about how to make and decorate hats! Basically, anything goes! There was no one set style in the early 1940's, and that is certainly true of all the images I had found.  My favorite of all the smaller hats was one that I found on this blog.  Look at the sixth fashion plate down, the hat on the left: small black hat with red roses!  Fortunately the hat making booklet also said we can wear the hat any way we want, either on top of the head, on the back, or even jauntily to one side!  They encouraged that we play with the hat until we found something that suits us best, both in styling and in how we wear it!
I rummaged through my millinery baskets and found white paper roses and sheer black ribbon. 


Ta da!

Ta da!


Now for the HSF details:

HSF 2014

The Challenge: #7 Tops and Toes

Fabric: straw hat

Pattern: analysis of extant hats


Notions: paper flowers, ribbon

How historically accurate is it? not sure

Hours to complete: 5

First worn: history presentation

Total cost: $10

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