Wednesday, March 26, 2014

National Harbor...and a Tropical Dress for Me-Simplicity 5496

I made my first visit to the National Harbor on the Potomac River on the Maryland side, near Washington DC, to finally celebrate our wedding anniversary. Sadly, the service, dinner and atmosphere of the restaurant were lackluster, but walking along the harbor itself was a great thrill!


Here are some before dinner shots. Obviously the weather was warm if I'm dressed like this! This was our warmest day all week, over 70 degrees.


I'm wearing a dress I had sewn for myself a few years ago. Not many people know that I also sew modern clothing, so I thought I'd share. I was recently asked to enter a modern sewing contest and was asked to submit my best historical gown to be considered as one of the top 4 entrants. I was a bit confused by that, but I did. lol In the I came in runner-up, however I've been asked to compete weekly anyway. It's absolutely okay I didn't make the top 4, but I realized that I have little on my blog about the other era of sewing I do, the current era! This dress was whipped out in speedy time without any trouble with fitting, a rarity for me!  There's even a cute little bow tie in back.

After dinner sunset...


Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture" powerfully boomed over the loudspeakers of the pier...






By now the sun was setting and it was getting cooler.  The next day was thirty degrees colder than Saturday.  It was to be all downhill, weatherwise, from here...

Foodwise, it only got better. We stopped at the Cheesecake Factory for dessert and brought some home for the kids.  Yum!!!!!!!! That was the best!

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