Monday, March 24, 2014

Lemon Bar Cheesecake for my Daughter's Birthday!

The history of the cheesecake has traveled across the centuries and around the world. Its origins are thought to have begun in Ancient Greece. When the Romans conquered Greece, they loved it just like they loved everything else that was Greek. Therefore they brought it back to Rome...and later took it to northern Europe when they conquered the known world. In 1929, a chef from New York City played around with the traditional recipe. Replacing cottage cheese for cream cheese introduced a new lusciousness to this old dessert. The New York Style Cheesecake was born.

Enter my daughter. My daughter likes certain cakes, but never asks for them for her birthday. Usually we have a pie. However one year when we lived in Texas I suggested cheesecake for her special day. She liked the idea of it and everyone enjoyed the recipe I tried. However whatever recipe I used was long forgotten with other creative birthday desserts over the years. (I really need to hunt down old birthday photos and document all the different creative desserts we've done.) One common element in her birthday desserts is usually fruit. She loves fruit. She loves fruit more than cake. She loves fruit more than ice cream. She loves strawberries more than any other fruit. Yet sometimes she's happy to base her birthday dessert on a different fruit.

Well this year I am on facebook and I saw a recipe run by my newsfeed of the most luscious looking lemon cheesecake that I could ever imagine. I showed it to my daughter and she conquered. That was to be her birthday dessert this year. Introducing Southern Living's Lemon Bar Cheesecake for her birthday!


Alas, I did not read the directions thoroughly enough. At 10am, after arriving home from dropping her off at class, I started reading the recipe through in order to make the cheesecake and saw that it took 24 hours to complete! Oh no! That was not an option, so here is my 10 hour cheesecake...


I even have some of the delicious freshly homemade lemoncurd left over!



  1. Happy Birthday to Miss C!!!! Was she very surprised by the gown? Can't wait to see her in both outfits! :-)

  2. The Cheesecake looks wonderful even if it needed more hours to set. What a clever cook!
    Blessings, Dawn