Saturday, February 15, 2014

Snow Fort Night Time Glow

One day after Snowchi 2014 (a major snowstorm of a foot of snow that occurred during the winter Olympics in Russia) was sunny with fifty degree temperatures with rapidly melting snow! The kids ran outside after lunch to have a great sledding experience before it melted away. They haven't had this much great snow to play in in years.  First they repacked the snowy hill that had become quite trampled and bumpy for their sledding run on one side of the house.  Then they dug a snow fort on the other side of the house!

It was sturdy enough for my daughter to stand on top while my son was inside. I missed taking pictures of that! Because of the rapid snow melt, I told the kids that they would most likely feel like they are in an Indiana Jones or National Treasure movie when the ceiling starts easing down on them!

That night when I arrived home from an errand I saw that my son left the light on for me...inside the fort! He had set his flashlight in there on a one hour timer as a surprise!

In the five hours since the kids had built the fort, the roof and top of the doorway had dropped 6"!  Amazingly fast snow melt!  My son got to work knocking out part of the ceiling so there would be more room to climb into it...

...or perhaps crawl into it!


On this side we could see a glow from within...






This starts the batch of photos my son took...



I also found these photos on my son's camera when I downloaded the pictures above. When my son scraped off the snow from the top of the van, he dug out this ledge...

...which can be seen in this distance shot!

They are predicting rain and snow tonight. I hope it's only snow.

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