Monday, February 17, 2014

Presidents' Day at Home

Sadly we did not get to go to Colonial Williamsburg for President's Day weekend this year.  Sicne we've been deeply studying 20th century history, I had hoped to take my son for one last opportunity, before college starts, to discuss matters of most importance with Presidents Washington, Jefferson and Madison, as well as Patrick Henry. Oh, the more I study 20th century history, the more I think of Mr. Henry's warnings.  Even a few comments I've read of Winston Churchill's reminds me of Mr. Henry's rhetoric.  Alas, twas not to be this year. =(

However a traditional 18th century dinner was indeed in order.

The Menu:

Fried Chicken with a dusting of cinnamon and white pepper (spices from the 18th century) Far Eastern trade
Mac and Cheese-Thomas Jefferson style
green leaf salad with dressing made from olive oil and lemon shrub (purchased in Colonial Williamsburg)
Creamed Parsnips with Nutmeg (popular 18th century  spice)
Gingerbread-George Washington's mother reportedly served Lafayette her gingerbread. Afterwards the family dubbed the recipe, "Lafayette Gingerbread."

Dining with the Washingtons Edited by Stephen A. McLeod
Dining at Monticello Edited by Damon Lee Fowler
The Colonial Williamsburg Tavern Cookbook Edited by Charles Pierce

After dinner, what might the various presidents of the United States have read? I know a few of these are spot on! 

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