Wednesday, February 5, 2014

From Accepting Evolution to Standing on Creationism

Last night my son and I watched Evolutionist Bill Nye the Science Guy debate Creationist Ken Ham from Answers in Genesis.  In my analysis, I'm sure that many who aren't familiar with the deeper points of evolution and Creationism might be lost, however due to our past studies, my son and I were on top of where they were coming from.

In the final analysis, I think Bill Nye did an excellent job of proving God!  Yes, you heard me right! ;) Number one, he spent much of his time telling jokes that dead ended and telling empty stories that had no basis. Furthermore, his theories were full of holes and questions. He did not prove a single thing for his side.  He obviously has not thought through all the parameters, because even my son and I understood Creationist theories that are far more logical then his evolutionary ones. In short, much of Creationist theory is bound in what we see today in highly destructive events like eruptive volcanoes, hurricanes and floods. Anyone who has been in a flood zone (ask my friend in Australia 2011 or my friends in Colorado 2013 or our loved ones on the Jersey Shore 2012) will tell you in a matter of hours that great ripping and destruction occurs, creating rerouting of river flows, homes ripped apart and completely destroyed, as are roads, new caverns and gulleys and more. Whereas Creationists choose to form theory based on what we know and see today, evolutionists prefer to create theories about things no one has seen. As in history we should base our discoveries on primary source documents; the primary source document of science is observation of present day events.

Once upon a time, you might say I was an evolutionist of a sort.  At the same time I was a Christian.  How can the two coexist? Easy, I did not know the *whys* or *hows* of evolution. I did not understand the deeper parameters. However as early as my first grade years and beyond, I innocently checked books out of the library on a wide range of topics to compete for a book club award. In my reading I learned that people came from apes and that the earth was millions of years old.  None of that fit into what I knew about the Bible. How did that fit into the Genesis account?  I refused to abandon my Christian faith, but set aside all those "scientific evolutionary principles." Sadly though, many people turn away from what they know of Christianity and become agnostics and atheists as a result of evolutionary study in the schools.

Then I took geology in college.  I feared it would be the most boring course in the entire world. Who wants to stare at a piece of limestone rock all day?  I figured those were the only rocks that existed, having lived most of my life in central Texas.  Although evolutionary numbers, as in millions of years, were thrown at us, we also got down to the real business of observational science. We went on field trips and I learned there were volcanoes in Texas. On my first field trip we drove out to Pilot Knob near Austin, where I walked on black basalt rock and observed the beautiful green olivine crystals. A new world of wonder had opened for me. I collected different rock samples of granite, limestone, sandstone, marble, even a unique specimen found only in central Texas, called llanite. (Now they think they found a specimen in Africa!), among many others. I learned about plate tectonics, volcanoes, the different ways that earthquakes occur, etc. My world was opened, however all those billions of years simply didn't make logical sense. Everything that was observational made sense, of course. Theories of the past, however, were illogical.  I just kept setting it aside.

Then I started teaching geology to third graders in public school. I focused on observational science and we did the greatest hands-on activities that were great fun! I love teaching geology. However when it came to those big numbers (aka evolution, theories we really don't know about the past) if I *had* to say anything, I said it was theory and left it at that. I was exceedingly pleased that the school district endorsed the avoidance of evolution which was widely supported by staff, teachers and students!

Evolution does *not* need to be taught and has zero basis for understanding observational science. Understanding the origins of the universe is not required to use physics to design and build a bridge or create a rocket that can break gravity to enter space.   Bill Nye was asked where the atoms came from that created the Big Bang. He had no idea. No evolutionist knows. The foundation in their theory is weak.  The evolutionists accuse Creationists of basing their theory on faith in God. We concede that. To us, that is the only plausible explanation.  The evolutionists also base their theory on faith, except their faith is anti-God and Nye admitted that. He said they cannot reasonably believe  in God. Instead they believe crazy things like people coming from apes and more.  To me, it takes more faith to believe evolution. The more Bill Nye talked, the deeper my faith in God grew. The more Nye shared stories of amazing animals and intriguing places, the more I marveled at the genius of our Creator God.  The only possible explanation to creation, is that there *must* be a God out there.

One day a medical doctor who attended our church taught the church body on the topic of Creationism and I was fascinated!  Then he was asked to teach in various Sunday School classes, including ours, for several weeks of study. It was incredibly fascinating to learn that there are actually plausible Creationist theories for how everything fits in. In short I have two previous blog posts (linked below) about Creationism, with resources for futher study! From there I've attended every  Creationism lecture I possibly could, took my family with me, and purchased various resources for further study.

One lecture I attended was presented by a Creationist and his wife who were scientific degrees in geology. They were not hobbyists like me, but full fledged credentialed scientists with multiple scientific degrees from universities.  They were formerly evolutionists, so the following details comes from their personal experience of being on both sides of the camp. They told us that the scientific community has some Creationists, but most are evolutionists.  They also said that evolutionists who are scientists are atheists. I had never heard that before. They further went on to say that these evolutionists know full well that their theory cannot be proven. They have been known to admit (and my pastor found one of their quotes but I don't know where it is) that the only plausible explanation to how the world began, is that there must be a God who created the world. But these evolutionists refuse to believe God, so they choose to be atheists. They push their evolutionary theory in the public schools and colleges, to unsuspecting people of all persuasions, even Christians.  That's where I came in, in my story above.  Now I know that the basis of the evolution v Creation debate, is not so much about different ideas about the past, but about atheism v God. When I understood that, everything clicked for me.

Nye said he studies science because he wants to know where he came from.  He is deeply searching and yearning about why he exists and how he came to be. Therefore he studies the stars. To me it's illogical that he's going to find his origin in the stars. Ken Ham replied to Nye, "There is a book that begins, 'In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth." Genesis 1:1, then he went on to share more verses. Yes, our Creation theory is based on faith in God, but that is the only logical explanation to unexplained events. It takes even more faith to not believe in God and follow evolution which has no basis. As stated, evolutionists have no idea how to support their "beginnings" theories, like the Big Bang (as in the question mentioned above, "Where did the atoms come from in the Big Bang"). Evolutionists have nothing.  It takes more faith to believe in nothing than it does to believe in God.

Nye couldn't understand how an ark could survive the tumultous Great Flood of Genesis, when today's ships, or even ships of the early 20th century cannot endure comparitively little storms. Well, it is no secret that today's technology, as profound as it is supposed to be, produces low quality items that constantly need to be replaced. I am far more amazed by the technology of the ancients. How were the ancient pyramids built? Historians have yet to find any technology of the time that could have built something that huge, that quickly, but they obviously did. The ancient Roman Roads have survived better than most roadways today.  The banking system from Renaissance Venice is fascinating to grasp. I have learned to handsew 18th century clothing in a historically accurate way, which is completely different from modern methods of machine sewing.  Historical clothing is far better made. In fact hand stitches last longer than machine sewn stitches. Technology is not always better. It's certainly faster, producing more quantity, but quality is lost.  Modern methods of building things break quite soon.  I can easily imagine an ancient ark suriving, especially because I believe in God. My facebook friends and I were chatting about the debate and I loved the comment a mom shared from her son, "Of course Noah's Ark was built strong! God told him how to build it!" 

Nye said science is not Biblical. Of course it is. God created it!  Nye asked about all the people around the world who don't know God. From our ancient history studies, and of course Biblical studies, my kids and I have learned that all of the ancient cultures have common ancestors who were on Noah's Ark. They dispersed with different languages after the Tower of Babel. Every culture on every continent have a creation story and a great flood story. And like our pastor, Lon Solomon from McLean Bible Church always says (and I forget his exact phrasing), "archaeological discoveries always prove the Bible." Furthermore, I've learned in the past but now I can't find the exact quote or reference, that Helen Keller who was blind and deaf, before she knew how to communicate, while she was lost in her world of darkness, knew there was a God. I have heard similar stories, even in third world countries, when I did a Kay Arthur Bible Study. Believe me, I'm going to start a book of quotes on this topic during my quiet times from here on out, so I can have ready reference to great quotes!

Nye went on to say that Creationists are out to destroy the world and are not patriots and will bring America down. Actually there are many credible Creationist scientists today who have published major scientific findings in highly respected scientific journals. Many of them shared their credentials at the beginning of the debate. Also there have been many Creationist scientists of the past, dating back to the Renaissance, whose discoveries formed the very scientific laws upon which all science lays its foundations today. How about Sir Isaac Newton, one of the most highly respected esteemed scientists who lived from 1643 to 1727, during the Age of Enlightenment. His reputation and valuable contributions to the field of science and humankind have become classic. His writings have been listed on the Great Books List of classical studies because of the greatness of his work.

Newton's contribution to the scientific study of physics, which greatly aids NASA, (google "Sir Isaac Newton NASA" and you'll find his bio, laws and rocketry information." links break quickly so it's best to give the keywords)  established three, count them three, laws of motion, found in any physics textbook:

1. Every object in a state of uniform motion tends to remain in that state of motion unless an external force is applied to it.

2.The relationship between an object's mass m, its acceleration a, and the applied force F is F = ma. Acceleration and force are vectors (as indicated by their symbols being displayed in slant bold font); in this law the direction of the force vector is the same as the direction of the acceleration vector.   

3. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Newton wrote much about Creationism in his Optics and Principia. "This most beautiful system of the sun, planets, and comets, could only proceed from the counsel and dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being....This Being governs all things, not as the soul of the world, but as Lord over all; and on account of his dominion he is wont to be called Lord God..." (Principia) For more on this quote from Newton, his explanation of how the scientific process must be rooted in God, and that he was against evolutionary theory, read this article, "Man of Science, Man of God" by Christine Dao, from Institute of Creation Research.

Here are my previous blog posts on Creationism that goes into more specifics of the theory:
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I understand that the debate has been temporarily archived for viewing at
I've also heard that DVDs will be sold.


  1. Thank you for posting this.
    As you know, I am very interested in the dichotomy of evolution vs creationism. I always enjoy reading arguments for creationism ever since a girl in my college geology class got up and argued with the teacher about the age of a certain rock in his collection. I never knew that viewpoint existed until then, despite being raised Christian (my mother told me that evolution was correct and that God's hands steered evolution from one species to the next). I never saw a clear line between evolution and godlessness. I still don't, but then I consider religion to be outside of science and for facts to be facts whatever god one worships, probably because of what my mother taught me.

    Thank you again, Laurie :)

    1. Hi Rebecca! I always love chatting with you! I can so relate to what you say on many levels, and my heart is with you! Here are a few pieces of additional information...

      The general public are purely innocent and blindly believing evolution on some level, like the way I was taught in school.

      However if you watched the debate, Bill Nye opened by attacking the Christian faith, saying that Creationism has zero merit because he does not believe in God. This was his platform for the entire debate. His platform was not about details or theories, but that God does not exist.

      This is standard for those who study evolution as scientists. They know they can't prove evolution, they know the only way to explain Creation is to believe in a higher being, but they refuse to acknowledge God. On some of my general scientific facebook pages of deep scholars (I follow them so we can view the next rocket launch or meteor shower), they are all claiming Bill Nye won the debate simply because God does not exist (in their eyes). They are not basing this on any "fact" or theory or detail but on the impossibility that there could ever be a God. Therefore they would actually scorn your mom's explanation of God and evolution.

      About dating rocks, carbon dating has many fallacies. One great reference for this that goes into great detail are the Dr. Jay Wylie Apologia General Science book. When Mount Saint Helens erupted, the area for miles around was completely destroyed. Creationists went in and found new tar pits, bogs, petrified forests, deep chasms, etc, etc, etc, all of which the evolutionists use as proofs for evolution (Old Eartth theory, that these things take millions of years to form and could never ever form quickly) in the Grand Canyon and Petrified Forest in the Southwest.

      The creationists brought the evolutionists with their carbon dating tools in to a certain new land form (I forget which one, it's in our Mount St Helens book that I listed in the link above) created by the eruption. They were asked to date when those rocks erupted. The evolutionists used their equipment, which said the rocks erupted millions of years ago. Well, obviously not.

      So anyway, when Christians who believe in evolution fit in evolution between verses of Genesis 1, to them it's a safe benign world of theory. After all, salvation has no basis in this. Our salvation is in accepting Jesus' death on the cross as payment for our sins.

      However when you get to the heart of the matter and start listening to those who create the evolutionist theory, it's all about denying the existence of God. They would never support a Christians viewpoint of fitting God into the equation simulaneously with evolution. They are not Christians, They deny Jesus. They deny God. Therefore they deny Creation. Therefore they'd rather believe a lie, rather than believe God.

      In the end, we are called to be witnesses. Matt 28:18-20. What are we going to testify to, in order to show Jesus as Savior and Lord to a world that scorns Him?

      Something to ponder, is the literal interpretation of the Bible. Genesis says God created the world in 6 days and rested the 7th. Are we as Christians going to say that God can't do that? That it's impossible for Him to do that? How can it be impossible? That is what makes Him immortal and makes us mortal. That was always the point that drove me back to believing the Bible over evolution, before I knew there were Creationist studies out there.

    2. Creationism believes in a Big God. Evolution puts Him in a box.

      Like in gardening, we need to get to the root of the matter. Weeds grow very long tap roots. When weeding, if we only pull out the top of the weed, it will very quickly grow back and we'll be forever weeding. However if we can pull it out by the root, it will be gone. In other words, what's the root of the matter here? On the surface, it may seem that we are merely talking about one harmless theory over another. But if we dig deep, we realize we are talking about atheism v God.

      I hope this helps. =) It's quite complex, but then God has always challenged us to think deeply, to seek for hidden treasures like silver and gold. =) I hope that expanding some of the ideas will help you in your thought process. =) One thing that helped me immensely was by being surrounded by Creationists and being taught every Sunday, bringing more Scripture to life with Scientific studies from a Creationist viewpoint. There are lots of Christian scientists out there who will say that evolution has no scientific basis. =)


  2. Laurie, thanks for sharing your personal experiences with evolution vs creation. I watch the debate as well. I don't know if Bill Nye wasn't taking it seriously or if he just doesn't realize how 'unscientific' he sounds when he says things like "All the animals on one boat! There's no way!" A scientist should love to try to figure out how that might have been possible. I have to remind myself that someone who is not a Christian simply cannot understand certain things unless God reveals them to him. There is no amount of convincing or debating that anyone can do that will cause someone else to believe the Bible, because salvation is the Lord's. Though, I think discussions like that are definitely good for the benefit of many! My husband said that same thing about Noah and the boat, "he's forgetting that God could have me the boat float even if it would have otherwise sank." That is very true, though I also agree with you about the ancient people being much more capable than we often give them credit for =) Thanks for encouraging this good discussion!