Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Best Tex- Mex Restaurant in NoVA

We've met a couple from Texas in our Sunday School class who understand the need for food with flavor, from smokey barbeque to spicy and cooked Mexican food to creamy decadent Blue Bell ice cream! A well done steak! We all agree that the best barbeque is Famous Daves. Vanilla blue bell is obtainable at Carrabbas! (And Outback but Carrabbas is better.) We agree we can make our own terrific Texas steaks at home. But Tex-Mex?

Our new friends had a suggestion for properly cooked and seasoned Mexican food...Uncle Julios, a Dallas based restaurant that is here in the Washington DC area! They said they'd even join us! It's soooooo good all we have to do is ask them if they'd like to join us and they said they'll always say yes!

After church today we follwed them to Uncle Julios where we found a delightfully colorful and clean restaurant. The food smelled great. Even better the food was the best tasting Mexican food we've ever had. At long last we ate food in Virginia (outside of Texas for that matter) that had flavor! And the enchiladas are actually baked instead of presented on raw corn tortillas! The chips were fresh. The salsa was roasted (hmmmm, depth of flavor) and a tad spicy.  The taco meat was actually seasoned unlike any other restaurant around the area! The cheese enchilada and beef enchilada were baked. The cheese was ooey melty yummy creamy. The sauce didn't have that weird flavor all the other restaurants in the area give it. This sauce was good and perfectly seasoned. The boracho beans were cooked! They are usually raw at one of the other places. The side salad was appetizingly green! I can't stand it when restaurants expect us to eat white lettuce. The pork tamale, oh my, that tasted like I remembered from four years ago in Texas. Every time I took a bite I was exclaiming about the food. I finally have a favorite restaurant in Virginia...Uncle Julios!


Somehow my food seemed to multiply because after getting full, I asked for a take home box but needed two to pack all my yummy scrumptious delicious delectable leftovers home! It's good eating this week!

While waiting for the take home boxes for a few of us to arrive, I sat there nibbling on the small corn chips in front of me, dipping them in that addictive roasted salsa. Yum, I just couldn't get enough of that salsa. Finally our friend reached over to grab the other basket of chips and he said, "Here Laurie, these chips are larger." I exclaimed, "But those larger chips have more calories than my little ones!" We all laughed (it's a joke) but I had enough room in my second take home box to dump some of the salsa. Oh my, it's all developing more flavor right now in the fridge. Yum!

We ordered from the traditional TexMex side of the menu but there is a more fancy Mexican side to the menu that I am very open to trying. And they serve breakfast...and brunch....I better start dieting in between time and doubling my exercising now. My daughter asked if I'd even go there for my birthday. Oh yes! Yum!

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