Monday, March 18, 2013

Anniversary Snow and New Learning Curve

3-18-13 photo 108_0577.jpg

Today is my wedding anniversary! We had dinner at Carrabbas Saturday night, because tonight is too busy. At Carrabbas we were offered dessert. The waitress tried to tempt us with vanilla Blue Bell ice cream. We told her that we already had cookies and cream Blue Bell at home. Her jaw dropped to the floor. She asked how we managed that! lol We had one of the other desserts, Chocolate Dream, which was delicious.  We brought all our leftovers home for our dinner tonight.

This has been sort of a leftovers kind of day. We woke up to a winter wonderland, which looked beautiful all morning. Even so the roads were great for driving my daughter to class.  However  now it's melting a bit.  Here is the view from this morning.

 photo 108_0579.jpg

And the latest learning curve in my life is Photobucket has an new and "improved" layout.  Actually it isn't improved.  This is the photo storage that converts my photos to html code, the only way I can post any photos onto my blog.  I uploaded these photos today to their respective albums, but each time they uploaded instead to the main album. That means I have to go to each one to move it to it's proper album...a time waster.  Then to access the html code I have to open a new window. None of these problems happened before the "improvement."  =/ 

I have over 30 photos to upload from my daughter's recent trip to the Smithsonian with the biology class, that I've wanted to do along with a post about Mark Catesby...if I can ever get them uploaded. I'd have done that post last Monday night but I spent all of last week moving my old blog to over here.  =/

Such is the life of using technology. My husband will be home soon from dropping my daughter off at class, we'll inhale our leftovers, then he'll leave to get my daughter from class.  The kids are on their own for dinner...they can practice cooking their favorite type of eggs. =) 

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