Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Costumed Photos of Us in the Virginia Gazette

A CW friend of mine sent a link to the Virginia Gazette which posted pictures of Presidents' Day Weekend at Colonial Williamsburg. I can't believe that she spied us in image 7! Yes, that's us!

Soon I will be describing all of these events, but for now this looks like a nice little vignette of pictures of the weekend with the presidents...as well as my son and I in costume...all together in one place! I can't believe I am actually able to put all of that (about such important men and us) into one sentence! I feel quite special!

Image 1 is from Sunday night's, Evening with the Presidents. The caption says it all.

Image 2 and 3 is from Sunday afternoon's, Salute to the Presidents.

Image 5 I won't be blogging about, but we did pass them in the street. They are from the wonderful CW Revolutionary City program. They are first person actor interpreters who portray citizens of Williamsburg during the war. They engage the guests (in pictures 6, 8 and 9) in 18th century banter, town gossip, and deep pathos of emotion over their views of the revolution. Are they patriots, loyalists, or undecided? Ask them to find out. It's obvious which side the gents took. Ask them why. They will be more than happy to tell you.

Image 7 is of my son and me!!! I'm in the red cloak and my son is wearing his black cloak. The snow had begun falling about an hour before in prodigious fluffy flakes. That's why they are easily visible. We were between programs so we had fun taking pictures of each other, then guests asked us to remain in our poses so they could take pictures of us, or join us for photos. I had no idea someone from the Virginia Gazette was taking pictures too! I love action shots and I could never have scripted this. When we took our photos my son had me pose forever so he could get the perfect shot, partly because snowflakes were so huge they obscurred our faces in many of the photos, or landed on the lens, or something. I like the caption too, that we were on our way to Bruton Parish Church. George Washington, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and many other famous people attended this church. You will find their names on the pews.

My goal is to blog all I can about the weekend tonight, while ideas are still fresh in my mind. I will also do a separate post on our personal pictures of each other in the snow. Then I will set everything to auto-pilot to publish one post per day, while I prepare for our upcoming history presentation this weekend! Stay tuned!

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