Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Research Rescue Squad CW EFT

A couple of weeks ago we got to see the live premier of the newest Colonial Williamsburg Electronic Field Trip, Research Rescue Squad. Set entirely in the 21st century, the Research Rescue Squad was available to students across the nation who'd Skype for tips on conducting research for their school assignments. However some trouble started with kooky characters like "Verde," who is the synester sidekick to "Dubious Sources." Verde plants false information in libraries, tricks innocent students into stealing resources for her to destroy, while Dubious Sources hacks the Research Rescue Squad website bringing a diabolical end to all research.

Meanwhile we learn how to identify valid sources from dubious sources...in real life, by checking for documentation. We also reviewed the difference between a primary resource and a secondary resource. A primary resource is something from that time in history, whether it's a newspaper account, a painting, a chair, a letter, a recipe, a journal entry...anything that was part of the lives of the people of the past. A secondary resource is something about the past, like a book written last year about the 18th century, a history textbook, or even an interview with a historian.

Over the years of doing CW EFTs my kids have learned the value of research, how to find credible sources and the difference between primary and secondary sources. Learning along with the EFTs has fueled my kids' love of learning too!
As you can tell the CW EFT's are great! Homeschoolers can subscribe at affordable prices through Homeschool Buyer's Co-op. There is a live EFT broadcast each month of the schoolyear, October through April. All of the EFTs (including videos, lesson plans, message board, computer games, etc) are available 24/7 through the end of the summer.

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